Stick Welding V-205

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Stick Welding V-205 Stick Welders
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Portable. Professional.
Rugged. Affordable.

The inverter V-205 offers much more than you would expect from a welder this size. Weighing in at just under 5.5kg the Inverter V-205 is no lightweight contender. It packs the full punch of a heavyweight professional that you can take to the most demanding job sites. It can operate from a portable generator.

Features :

  • Automatic Arc Force minimizes electrode sticking in the puddle without compromising arc stability or increased spatter.
  • Automatic Hot Start boosts the current during starting to make striking an arc easier.
  • Thermal overload protection with indicator light helps prevent machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked.
  • Inverter-based, DC power source has a simple-to-use operator interface providing only the necessary controls in a compact machine.
Processes :

Stick (SMAW)

Included :

V-205 Machine Only Includes:

  • V 205
  • 3M Stick electrode holder.
  • 2M work cable and clamp.

Quick Specs

Industrial Applications
Petro/Chem Fabrication   
Shipboard Installation/Repair 
Mechanical Contractors
Process Piping

MODEL V -205
Power Voltage 1 Phase AC240V ±15%
Input Current 22A/5.3kVA
Output Current 30-160A
Max. OCV: 65VDC
Output Voltage 28V
Duty Cycle 70%
Weight 5.5KG
Dimensions D330×H280×W130MM
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